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Sun Own Industrial Co., Ltd. 歐都納股份有限公司

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Today is 24,Jun,2019
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Funded in 1975 in Pei-Tou, Chang-Hua, Sun Own Industrial Co., Ltd. has grown to enhance its operating principles of sincerity and honesty toward its business strategy of lasting service and unique quality. In accordance with management, our "Atuas" merchandise have been very popular not only as a domestic market but also as an exporting as well. Professionally we produce EVA slippers and export to Europe North and South America, Japan etc, and successively receive the best export company award from the government for many years. In 1981 we started to develop EVA products, which are the best for manufacturing the floating and deafening products, therefore we produced the highest quality of bodyboards, buodyant vaest, swim board and other swimming accessories by the "Atunas" trademarket to sell worldwide market. These various products also include EVA slick bottom bodboard, bodyboard leashes, kick board, foam exercise mat, child swim vaesrts, sports vests, rubber swim fins, bodyboard ... [Details]
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